Generosity breeds irresponsibility!

What the smart ones among you are realizing is that you have a lot more value to gain in life by visiting my blog than by visiting other blogs because I am an outspoken maverick psychologist, genuine and without an ounce of political correctness in me. I tell it like it really is – and scare away the dummies who are afraid to face the facts of life.

The following fact of life is real scary for generous loving parents to face who give their kids everything and raise suicidal, homicidal, drug addicts, rebellious, dependent, or immature kids. The following findings of research is also real scary for generous rich governments to face who give poor societies generous foreign aid (IMF) and create irresponsible, corrupt, belligerent and torturous human juntas. Generous parents or western governments know that they are corrupting the earth, but they continue to be generous because kids and poor societies demand that generosity. Parents feel good about themselves and generous governments get reelected. The road to hell becomes paved with good intentions. Goody-two-shoes people ruin your relationships. Generosity breeds lack of accountability. What the smart ones among you have already realized is that the only solution to this  human misery on our planet is to make all “giving” contingent of good productive behavior. contingency management of relationships makes for responsible, productive and happy life. Guess what society is ahead so far in that wonderful domain of contingency management – the Chinese!


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2 Responses to “Generosity breeds irresponsibility!”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I wish I could find a way to relay this info to my hubs! I make it a habit to REWARD good behavior. He (and his doting mother) dote to the point of creating all of this helpless behavior in my child.

    btw- I LOVE a maverick psychologist. Part of the reason I didn’t finish my PsyD in cinical psych was because of all the pc crap. Still dislike all the pc mainstream crap in the field. This way, I can say what I really think without having a license to worry about!

    You go Dr. E!

  2. Dear Affiliate Manager: Are You Hoarding Your Articles? | SUBSCRIBERS MAGNET REVIEW Says:

    […] Generosity breeds irresponsibility! « The Peaceful Revolution […]

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