The first step in healing your body is easy to do!

I typed my name in Google and found an old article in the National Enquirer that mentioned my book on weight control. The book was never published because editors told me it was not unique enough to compete successfully against zillion other books on nutrition and weight control. That “rejection” stimulated my independent thinking. Today, 30 year later, I am so maverick a thinker that you won’t find in my writings anything that is not unique! Retired at 74, all my ideas are unconventional and they work like magic.

This morning, as I was doing every morning in the last twenty-five years, I microwaved  2 spoonfuls of self-ground brown flax seeds in half a cup of water for one minute. I drank the concoction when it cooled off. Why do I share this “secret” with you? Simple, it can be the first step you take in healing your body and it is easy to do. Hey, if you stop injesting substances that harm your body, I will tell you more of my nutritional “secrets.” Why would I do that? Well,  I am one of the few psychologists that you would ever meet in life who genuinely care about my home planet!


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2 Responses to “The first step in healing your body is easy to do!”

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