Six reasons women have sex!

Guess why the blogs of this psychologist are becoming popular? You got it, I tell it like it is, no spin, no politically correct bullshit, no sugar-coated half-truths, and no false but popular notions, just the facts, the  “Bhagavad Gita” way!

Here are the six reasons women have sex:

1. A natural instinct: Sex for women is genetically connected with having a baby, and the idea creates a sense of justification.  Woman after child-bearing years are not as receptive to having sex as when they were young and newly wed.

2. Cultural conditioning: A woman tend to be receptive to a suitable man’s sexual advances if she perceive a chance for love.

3. Physical state: Naturally, women  are physically weaker than men, and tend to give in to assertive men who are bigger, stronger, socially skilful and – persistent.

4. Age and the pill: Young women, before marriage or the arrival of kids and responsibilities, seek out friendships and social fun. They tend to send signals to men they find attractive to “exchange sex” for fun, parties, and the possibility of their own sexual orgasm – which frequently doesn’t happen for biological reasons.

5. Power play: Women tend to make themselves available sexually to powerful men, men in authority, wealthy men, politicians, sports figures, movie stars, entertainers, so as to get some of the limelight of attention.

6. Falling in love: Some women are very attracted to men with good sense of humor that make them laugh, and appear to be devoid of an immediate desire for sex. Women hate sexual pressures.

There are many secondary reasons why women have sex, some of them have to do with the erroneous belief that sex will bring happiness, reduce loneliness, promote love, and it’s a form of self-expression. It may as well be so for the educated modern woman  if she is first and foremost responsible for her good life!


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