FIFA and Wall Street: The coach and the CEO are everything!

In my guidebook The Psychology of Investing, I wrote that Warren Buffett elevated the importance of a company’s CEO for your share earnings to a “Godly” level. I just watched the Netherland beat Brazil in soccer in South Africa, Brazil, mind you, Brazil, a team with the best individual players in the world lost in the quarter-final! Get it, Wall Street CEOs and Football CEOs (coaches) hold the secret to the success of their companies or teams. The coach of the Holland team is the most important variable in the victories of his team. He doesn’t let his players kick the ball back too often, play individually too much, pass the ball to the next player instead of ahead of him, play a passing game too close to the opponent’s goal line instead of kicking, and lose their “cool” when the referee makes the wrong call. I tell you, my friend, it’s hard to find great coaches or CEOs nowadays but when you find a Maradona, Buffett, Jobs, or the Google boys, you get wealthy and really enjoy the elegance of the game!


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