The Supreme Court upholds the Second Amendment by only 5/4 majority!

What’s wrong with America? Four Supreme Court justices just voted against the US Constitution’s Second Amendment! Scary!  There is no legal justification for the Supreme Court to tamper with the constitutionality of the Second Amendment. The right of the American people to bear arms is an inherent right fought for by our founding father president Washinton himself! No left leaning pacifist Supreme Court justice today has the right to even attempt to take the right to bear arms away from us. What the US Supreme Court should deal with, instead, is its obligation to protect the American people from bad people owning guns. That issue has never been brought up in from of the Supreme Court. Listen, wisdom dictates that a strict gun registration law should replace the need to ban guns by local communities that the 4 dissenting supreme court justices tried to uphold.

It appears that something is wrong with Obama’s Supreme Court nominees. Wisdom is being replaced by ideology in the name of justice! You probably don’t see it my way but if you do, please post a reply because I like to hear from one of the last Mohicans of true justice in the United States. The only discussion regarding the Second Amendment to the US Constitution should be “how do you protect the American people without having to ban guns!”


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