A psychological exit strategy from Afghanistan.

The background: President Obama decided to pull out American troops from Afghanistan by July 2011, against the advice of the military brass. Who is right and who is wrong?

1. The president is right: A date (July 2011) for a pull out of forces from Afghanistan will force the Afghan government to speed up taking over the war against the Taliban.

2. The president is wrong: Hamid Karzai government is weak and corrupt and will never be able to take on the Taliban by itself.

3. Obama is right: A withdrawal date will raise troop morale, and provides families a goal to look forward to in getting their loved ones home.

4. Orama is wrong: Announcing July 2011 as the date of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan gives the enemy an opportunity to wait it out and try to topple the Afghan government after July 2011.

5. Psychological conclusion: Everyone is playing politics with American lives, wasting tax payers money in a losing strategy in Afghanistan. A much better strategy would be for the United States to pull out its 100,000 troops right now, and send instead 10,000 specially trained “007” type Afghan savvy allied “insurgents”  ready to take on the Taliban, while at the same time give all Afghans (including the Taliban) an opportunity to apply for cheap loans for housing, job training, business expansion, or agricultural development, to win over the hearts and minds of the Afghan people with direct economic assistance to families in exchange for cessation of hostilities against Americans and against each other. No Afghan in his right mind will choose to fight and die instead of grab the financial opportunity to protect and improve the lives of his wife and kids. Ignore Karzai’s government, the people will take care of him the moment the US gives the average Afghan hope for a better life.

I would like to know what you think will be the obstacles to implementing the above strategy for ending the Afghan war?


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