The American people are on an environmental suicide mission!

British Petroleum get rewarded for their environmental carelessness. They are now drilling in Alaska, actually everywhere where there is oil off-shore. What is happening is that US laws protect BP and other polluters of our lives. Congress and successive administrations have legislated laws that protect people who damage our environment. The American people are on an environmental suicide mission by the way they vote for representatives who spend their money on drilling recklessly, wars and bailing out crooks on Wall Street.

Dear voters, this November is your first opportunity you have to send a message to Washington to stop hurting you. Don’t vote for any of the candidates or representatives listed on the ballots so far. None of them will make a difference. They just talk. The road to environmental hell is paved with their good intentions. Take responsibility for your votes. In our democracy the Alaskan environment is only as good as your vote. In our democracy, you are responsible for the 300 billion dollars wasted in Afghanistan so far. Please don’t vote in November unless your representatives come up with working plans how to solve our problems. Don’t take anyone’s word for it anymore. The environment is crying for you not to vote in November. Send a clear message to Washington.


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4 Responses to “The American people are on an environmental suicide mission!”

  1. Mass Effect 2 Says:

    […] The American people are on an environmental suicide mission! « The Peaceful Revolution […]

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