PWS and the war in Afghanistan.

I believe that after 911 if President Bush consulted psychologists (PWS, Psychotronic Warfare Specialists) instead of army generals as to how to handle further threats to the US mainland from Afghanistan, the place would have been pacified by now! At a cost of 300 billion dollars and 1100 GI’s dead, any PWS psychologist would have done better than any 4-star General. We still expect to win because we live in the illusion that Afghanistan is a conventional war between 2 armies.

The “politically correct” way President Obama handled his problem with McChrystal and the US change in command in Afghanistan will get him reelected at a cost to the American people of another 300 billion dollars and countless  dead. Obama looks good and he knows it! If you want to know what a PWS would have recommended to do with Afghanistan after 911, you’d have to ask.


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