Here is what YOU can do to save the planet!

The information on what you can do to save the earth is described in my last ten postings when I talked about “contingencies.” but apparently people don’t understand the word, so here is the bare minimum in behavior: RAISE YOUR HAND TO YOUR MOUTH POLITELY AND ‘SHUSH’ ANYONE WHO TRIES TO ‘EXPLAIN’ A SITUATION (E.G., THE BP OIL SPILL, YOUR FRIEND’S DIVORCE, THE BUSINESS FAILURE, BREAK UP, OBAMA, YOUR HEALTH PROBLEM, ANYTHING!) AND SAY INSTEAD (FORCE IT IF YOU HAVE TO, REPEAT YOURSELF): “STOP. PLEASE DESCRIBE ONLY HOW TO FIX IT, INCLUDING COST AND TIME IT WOULD TAKE.”

If we all do that earth will get better. Stop saying the stupid sentence, “This is not acceptable, or, that is not acceptable,” and say instead, “Fix it or I will take action.” (describe the action, make it appropriate).


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