Today’s message is profound yet simple: Practice CMI and avoid suffering!

Although this posting on my blog is the most important posting that I could ever make as a psychologist, I doubt that I would get enough questions from strangers to make a difference in their lives. This posting was triggered by a phone call from a dear female student who was dying from cancer at 40. “I wish I listened to your lectures more attentively when I was 20,” she said.

Most of the medical, psychological, political and financial problems that people have are caused by believing misinformation that isn’t true and doesn’t work! “But my doctor said…” or “I don’t believe you,” or “You cannot secure 50% profit per year on your investment,” or “My dad knows better,” or the mother of all false beliefs, “It’s very difficult to create peace between nations or people in this world.”

“Yes, we can, with the right information.” Get up tomorrow morning and “hit” Google and other sources. Spend an hour per day for a year studying Contingency Management of Information.” That’ll do it, but here is a catch, CMI is easy to learn, easy to apply, and it works fast, but it’s “scientific, alien to culture.” To be able to use it you need to be mature, adult, motivated and serious – and engage your consciousness!

Take the challenge. I lectured on this “stuff” in my college psychology classes for 27 years and very few students “practiced CMI then when they were young and healthy. ” I remember the dear student that had cancer at 40. She was a straight “A” student at 20!


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