The Apple Tree Has Become the Money Tree!

AAPL hit $261, getting close to my $300 prediction in late 2008. My 2 incredible blogs are a gold mine for my followers, people who are tired of the old rules that got them screwed and want rules that work for a change. I will help them get out of the conundrum thinking box. I will do something that I haven’t done before. Since the traffic to this psychological advice blog is twice as much as the traffic to my behavioral investing and finance blog, I decided to switch topics – just this time!

Steven Jobs is making my followers rich.  Go to Yahoo right now (April 22, 2010 at 12), bring up AAPL and read that the median target estimate (MTE) is $310 while the mean target estimate is only $296.65…. should have been reversed because of the high volume of buying AAPL. Go to my 2009 book The Psychology of Investing, and read “Since the median is more representative of a company than the mean, a ratio of median/mean higher than “one” may be predictive of good things to come.” (page 121). You will not find this information applied to stock prices anywhere in books or the internet, and you should not use any information from my blogs to invest either unless you took my workshops and have passed my total training with an “A” grade. Don’t turn the money tree into a monkey tree. Short cuts in life don’t work. They make you poor. You lose your good relationships.  Shorting anything “sucks”! God bless wise people!


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