A big improvement with a small rule.

You will thank me for this psychological insight that most psychologists won’t even mention. The big improvement in your relationships will be specific: People will do for you more than you do for them and they will love it! The small obscure rule is a part of a  neglected branch of psychology called contingency management of relationships. The small obscure rule says, Be fair but don’t do anything for free. Charge people something for your services even if they deserve these services free. Sure, do something for them for treating you well, but do it in small pieces, occasionally, and without flair. Give them a discount for being helpful, but don’t give it to them free, whatever it is.. When they do something well for you, if you say “thank you” their good behavior will happen again and again, but if you pay the “full price” for it, they will do less and less for you – and excuses will replace the relationship. “I’m sorry I forgot to do it” would become the new rule of the day. You will be taken for granted for being too generous. This is human nature. Get out of the “Box.”


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3 Responses to “A big improvement with a small rule.”

  1. Jon Kinarthy Says:

    That’s great advice, thanks!

  2. One Thumb to Rule Them All | Abraço - abraços e beijos Says:

    […] A big improvement with a small rule. « The Peaceful Revolution […]

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Congratulations to you! Fantastic performance! I was happy to see your performance on my blog. Thank you. My son Ari (21) also has SMA II. He used one finger and a computerized “Blow tube” to “puff” write 9 incredible pieces of music (he was invited on TV this week). Have you heard of Ami (www.39poundsoflove.com). He was my son’e inspiration! Keep in touch.

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