Five psychological factors aggravating the interplay between volcanic ash and air traffic control:

(1) Pressure to resume flights on Airlines losing money, (2) Impatient public trying to get home, (3) Competitive National airlines, (4) Political Pressures on decision makers to approved flights, and the most pernicious psychological factor of the 21st Century, (5), The “911 Syndrome” (public apathy about air disasters). These five psychological factors mediate the interplay between volcanic ash and air traffic decisions, increasing the probability of negligence. All it takes is a key individual in a position of authority to believe that flying through some ash is safe. He will then allow premature resumption of flights because financial and political pressures have “helped” him rationalize away the danger of flying through volcanic ash.

Airline passengers organizations may not warn passengers if they believe the flying public “want to get home on time,” or “feels the terrible inconvenience” of sleeping in airports. Chances are that they will abrogate their responsibility to tell air passengers not to fly certain routes untill the ash has completely dissipated (data requires expensive lab reports).  Would they act on a warning without “spinning” it to death?  Flying planes through volcanic ash shuts off the engines 95 flights out of a 100, and the damage during the other 5 flights raises the probability of shut off during following flights! Thus, the death sentence of flying through volcanic ash over time is 100% statistically significant.

The only solution to the “ash problem” is TIME to ensure 100% safe flights for the public.  Resumption of air traffic on each route must be allowed only after lab reports show that there is no volcanic ash left in the air on each route. Human life is more important than saving money by cutting corners. However, knowing the terrible national and corporate competition for air traffic profits and pride in the world, only a special insurance policy that will pay for all the money lost during traffic delay because of volcanic ash can eliminate the subconscious motivation to cut corners that threatens human life in the air.

My incredible blog is not “psychologically correct,” but let’s hope that this time for the sake of saving lives I get more than the usual 1 or 2 responses from fly by night visitors, or visitors on the fly! 🙂


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