10 economic aftershocks to hit before 2013 (segment III).

4. Increasing leadership incompetence – leaders that are elected in democracies, or self-appointed in dictatorships, start governing based on fear of foreigners or their populace. Third movements are formed in democracies and second movements are formed in dictatorships that preoccupy the people and slow down progress.

5. Health care crisis worsen – people are polarised more and more in the United States, and it paralyses the solution. The deficits balloons while special interests get more money from the American people who get frustrated and riot.

6. Educational vows continue – another generation of Americans enter the work force without necessary skills and values. Conventional thinking continue to plague a nation in crisis. Creative educators are a voice in the wilderness throughout the next decade. Contingency management could have solved the problem, but no one is listening.

7. Silly debates become more popular – these are spread by the media and sap the energy from the American people who really want good action more than ‘entertaining’ debate.

8. International conflict get bloody – leadership incompetence leads to a third world war because the United States repeats the same behavior it had before the first two world wars: Waiting till it gets bruised bad enough to assert its deterrent power!

9. Subprime mortgages and high unemployment come back –  are fixed only temporarily for a few years because no real economic regulation system is developed.

10. I left #10 to you, may be your thoughts how to survive the first 10 aggravations and live happily again after 2013!


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