Commercials do more damage to your mind than you think…

…to your mind, not my mind, cause I know what to do about commercials, and I will show you. How do you buttress your mind from the onslaught of commercials on TV? First, you need to know about the damage they cause to your thinking, sneaking in an apathetic  “coach potato” attitude toward life, emptying your pocketbook, and stifling  your ability to make rational decisions based on true  knowledge: Commercials are louder than what you are watching, and laud noise disturbs the mind and irritates the nervous system, creating a short fuse in relationships. Commercials appeal to fear and anger, creating a reactive personality. Commercials are “stupid.”  You see, the competition for your cash is so fierce in a capitalist economy that advertisers always think of a new “gimmick” to capture your compulsions, addictions, dreams (you know you will never look like that girl or that living room in the commercial). Some of the tricks of the trade are repetition of sentences, words, or the commercial itself (a form of brain washing), using strong visual effect (hypnotic), disturbing, ridiculous and popular scenes (clutter longer in memory), and lately, out of economic desperation, even using an outright demanding language to buy a product or else… (making you fearful and “sheepish”). Many of the commercials for products and services depict sports stars and other individuals you admire telling you what you want to buy! It isn’t your choice anymore! Americans have more garage sales than any other people, and please don’t tell me that it is because we have a two car garage. If you watch the “persuasive” commercials on CNN versus the “relaxed” commercials on the BBC, you will know what I mean

Here is what I do to protect my sanity. I love the shows, don’t get me wrong. I won’t give up watching TV, but I click “instant channel surfing” with a zest. I never, never, never, stay there letting an unwanted commercial invade my mind. I have convinced myself a long time ago that most commercials don’t really inform you. They are a form of invasion of sanctuary, the enemy in my family room that doesn’t care about my feelings, that’s out to improve a company’s rating, not my standard of living. Listen, you must perceive commercials as your adversaries to be able to instantly “surf” away into something more appealing to do for a minute!


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