Tiger Woods revisited as a Freudian case.

I watched CNN’s Larry King and his UFO entourage with disdain having to correct misinformation about UFOs for the public on my blog. Now I am watching Larry King and his experts on sexual addiction, and I will try again to tell it like it really is. Sexual “addiction” in men is genetic, thank God,  the reason the Cro Magnon, rabbit and the Chimp prevailed as species. Any psychologist can tell you that Tiger Woods has a “weak ego” and not a sexual addiction. Check out his other relationships outside of playing golf, and you may find financial, religious and consumption shortcomings also. He will be in the news again and again. Tiger Woods does not need therapy for addiction. He needs a behavioral counseling to strengthen his EGO against the demands of his ID and SUPER EGO.  I know, you think Freud is passé’ but he is not. A strong EGO that can mediate effectively the N/P demands of the individual is rare today. There are millions of Tiger Woods living worse than him because they don’t have the money to pay for retraining.  The key to a great life is effective ego mediation (EEM). It’s free if you ask for it. The day Tiger Woods ask me to further explain “ego,” I’ll give him a few exercises to do on my blog. A “weak ego” is the Freudian affliction of the 21st century!


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