My blog is different from any other blog.

Please let me know the moment you realized it. Some of you will need to read only one posting to know it and some of you a 100, but sooner or later you’d either love what I say or hate it. I have always been a popular psychology and parapsychology professor because I tell it like it is. When I accepted to be a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer, people asked me, “What about your reputation?” You are kidding. I didn’t care because my life was never about making good impressions. My identity as “an open-minded maverick” requires that I research esoteric knowledge. Now that I am retired and built a home in the woods, I devote my time to my friends, family and internet friends. Everything that I do is different, more real, truthful, and original. If you read my writings you will know that I can describe God scientifically, that I know human origin, that I can communicate with spirits through PK, that I can explain the UFO phenomenon scientifically, that I can get you to meet your soul, and just about anything else that is a mystery to most. Why am I different? I discard beliefs the moment I investigate and discover the truth! I know of no one that can do that!



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