The “killing fields” of politics.

In life, you either lose, win or draw, and that is how it should be. If you lose you try to win the next time and if you win you try not to lose the next time. A draw is a compromise, both win less but both win something better than losing. Sometimes a draw in called an armistice, as in real war. Armistice is like a temporary compromise until one of the parties feels strong enough to challenge the other. When a fight is for a trophy, land, triumph, etc. a duel called ‘shoot out’ occurs, as in a sports when we must have a gold medal winning team.

Life is like a soccer game, and that is good. I win a lot so I like it, but some of my victories are taken away by courts, judges and lawyers, that is like having biased referees and line’s men on a soccer field. When that happens too often sport become like politics, the game is over, the “killing fields” begin.

The amazing conclusion of my story this evening is that if you run a country like a sport, you will have less problems, while if you run a sport like a country, you will have more problems. The solution, I am serious, is to replace politicians, lawyers, judges and courts with trained sports referees in the field!

I once suggested to have such a referee in every financial institution in Wall Street. I don’t understand why those folks that lost money the most during the recession laughed at my suggestion the most?


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