Do you want a peaceful life? Sue any group or individual that violate domestic or international law.

Human stupidity or hypocrisy? Ever since  Darwin  discovered the natural law that Might Makes Right, we humans, have paid lip service to a ‘nice’ futuristic law that Right Makes Might. We humans are hypocrites. We legislate laws protecting voting rights and free speech, but do not force the police and the courts to enforce these laws. We are hypocrites. Law enforcement protecting free speech in Canada’s universities is a joke, and law enforcement in the US puts congressmen in congress in harm’s way. Courts and the police in Canada and the US do not uphold the law. Republicans that threaten democrats with bodily harm are asked politely to act ‘civil’, and no one is arrested, let alone be charged with a crime. The same thing in Canada, students physically prevent a speak (Ann Coulter) from speaking and the police does not arrest a single demonstrator, let alone charge them with a crime.

As a psychologist, I can assure you that unless we uphold the laws in our democratic lands, we are doomed to suffer in the next 3 years more than we have suffered in the last 30. The solution is simple – replace the police chiefs and court judges!  Don’t sit in discussion rooms trying to distinguish fact from fiction about the events that have occurred  in congress or at the university of Ottawa. The natural law of Might Makes right is so powerful that it will always turn believed fiction into fact and fact into suitable fiction. We humans succumb to the Might of physical threats, monetary force, sexual desire, and hunger drive. Humanity’s salvation is for you to understood the psychology of law enforcement and vote to enforce the law in November. And, do it Right: Register with me if you are a combative attorney, let’s start  a billion $ fund to sue any group or individual who violate domestic or international laws, including police chiefs or judges who don’t enforce the law. Only when law breakers  go to prison and pay heavy fines, they will attempt to change laws by voting and not in the streets. Right now the sword is mightier than the pen. It is time for the pen to be mightier than the sword. Get me the lawyers and the fund. you will see action like you have never seen before. A new zeitgeist is here.

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