Aftershocks after 2012 (segment II).

2012 Segment  II is here: Your patience will always pay off if I get enough responses, even if you have to wait a while for each segment. In the first segment I listed 10 issues that we as a society will have to face during the Armageddon period between 2011 and 2013. Let’s take up each increase and study it according to primary, secondary and tertiary preventions:

1. Divorce: If you are in Primary Prevention (PP) mode you will have a prenuptial agreement before you marry and know about a J&M type divorce program (cost $1,000.00), in Secondary Prevention mode (SP) you will fight, seek counseling, see an attorney, and get an unsatisfactory settlement, and in Tertiary Prevention (TP) everyone will suffer a lot, some will recover and some won’t.

2. Crime: If you are in PP mode you will investigate and move to a safe neighborhood and nurture a good relationship with the local police, in SP mode you will buy a gun, learn self-defense, get together with neighbors, fight back, have some losses, managing more or less OK, and in TP you will pray that you don’t lose everything.

3. Natural disasters: If you are in PP mode you will investigate the area before you move in, including earthquake faults, possible tsunamis, floods, drought, landfills, you name it, in SP mode you will just move into an area you like or can afford and get insurance and when a natural disaster occur, you relay a lot on people helping each other, and in TP you ran around like a chicken with its head cut off until charity comes in to salvage what’s still alive. (TBC).


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