Public and private speeches are always different.

Sometimes I feel so fortunate to be a psychologist. I get along with everyone, knowing how to use PC. You know that what people say to you has a lot more to do with their upbringing than with who you are or what you did. I never argue with anyone about facts lest I be flabbergasted by their perception of reality. Someone said, “Elior, you sure sound arrogant, you think you know everything,” I responded, “Please say ‘Dr. kinarthy, I THINK you are arrogant.’ You will sound less arrogant yourself.” A doctor once said to me, “You seem to know a lot of things.” I said, “You are perceptive enough to notice, yah, I love to study.” Hey, my readers, let me suggest to you to take with a grain of salt anything that anybody says to you. You see, people are just expression their thoughts. Be secure, smile, and if you are sharp enough, the ‘bad’ ones will leave you alone after they hear your responses. Someone says, “Go to hell, Mary,” and you answer, “Are you inviting me to your place?” I love to give “inappropriate” responses to people who step on my toes. I wish people treated me before I became a psychologist as nice as they treat me now. If I had to name my concept, I’d call it learning to use the Power of Consciousness (PC),” but, of course, there in no such concept in psychology! Enjoy!

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