The Second Best Solution Regarding Sex Offenders!

Years ago, in my psychological studies how humans make decisions, I came across the stark realization that people almost always choose the second best solution to anything, almost never the best. Later on when I studied the interaction between science and society I realized that rejecting the top 10% knowledge in any field was common. I coined the term “The 10% Rule” and expected my clients, students, colleagues, friends, family members and business associates to resist the best solutions to problems that show up in their lives.

Naturally, people rejected my “10% Rule” outright. It does not appear in any textbook or  psychological writing, except in my blog.

I remember the first time I used my discovery in counseling.

“What is the problem, Mary?”

“I am depressed, doctor.”

“What really bothers you?”

“I married a registered sex offender.’

“What really bothers you?’

“His disturbing idea. He wants to lower his testosterone level with an injection. He says it would work.”

As always in a democratic society, conformists, traditionalists, or  conservative thinkers are elected by people to make decisions in society. They, in turn, select people like themselves to run everything. These eloquent speakers usually select the socially acceptable solutions to any problem, in this case it is to register sex offenders who are released back to a community after they had served their sentence. Hearing any better but socially unacceptable “Top 10%”  solution can cause immense frustration and discomfort to people in society. That is the nature of the beast.

“You know, Mary, he can ask his physician to give him an injection?”

“He can’t. He says he is afraid of peoples’ reactions.”

“He is right. This is a ‘top 10%’ solution.”

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