Understanding gender identity change.

As you already know from my writings, it is easy to manage gender identity change if you set up a program that I would call Contingency management of gender identity change, listing behaviors, major feelings and their consequences. If you are a friend or a relative, a doctor or a therapist, to understand gender identity change of the person you know, you have to accept that the major feelings, behavior, thoughts, and social interactions the person manifests match with the opposite sex. Some are learned and some are genetic. Some  men are feminine and some women are masculine, variety is the spice of life. but when the balance of self expressions shifts drastically from one sex to the other, a sex change means decreasing the  negative manifestation and conditioning of behavior of the secondary sexual identity.

According to psychology (read Dr. Carl Rogers), a well-adjusted person is a person who is able to balance and harmonize the relationship between his body, mind and soul. Such a person lives in peace between his personal life, social life and occupational life. Kudos to Carl Rogers and other great psychologists.


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