Does Unemployment Benefits Prevent You From Getting a Job?

The smart people who follow my no-nonsense blog already know that my answers to most questions are simple, to the point, have no spin, and can make a big difference in anyone’s life. My answer to the question above is  the mother of all answers!

If you don’t already know from reading my websites and blogs what is contingency management of relationships, read my ‘stuff’ on the Internet again and again until you do. I cannot help improve anyone’s life on the fly. All the fly by night visitors to my blog will get is, “I agree,” or “I disagree,” or some other bull…a low level of understand predicaments. Life doesn’t work by “posturing.” You have to become committed to what works, what psychological research discovers, and what the truth is. And, you have to be committed to it with all your heart and mind, with intention to know, otherwise, answers that are not comfortable will be left by the wayside and will have no good impact in your life.

With that “sermon”, if you are ready (big “if”), here is the mother of all answers, a solution that will apply to any question that you would ever pose: Whenever you have an issue, plug-in you issue in the following blank, Contingency Management of ________, in our case it would be Contingency Management of Unemployment Benefits, and the answer would be, “Contingency management of unemployment benefits will not prevent you from getting a job. In fact, it would be a step toward a career.” Listen, I was one of the most popular professors of psychology in the State of California for 27 years, and students who learned the above (about 20%) are living an incredible lives today. One student who became a dentist wrote, “Dr. Kinarthy, I was a poor student and could not afford the tuition increases. My issue was, “How do I set up a contingency management of tuition and living expenses while in school? Ones I learned to do it (it was easy), I had enough money to work my way to a DD degree. Thanks!” (to be continued).


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