Kansas City School Crisis – Who is Next?

Here is my take on the Kansas City School Crisis:: Brace yourself, your school may be closing next. Court judges in America have too much power over school districts without having the wisdom to execises their authority prudently. One “political” court judge in Kansas was responsible for a Kansas City school spending precious funds refurbishing the facility, olympic swimming pool, etc., without having enough students to serve!  The judge did not study the demographics of the community.

A 50% drop in enrollment coupled with a 100% improvement in a modern facility for learning, means that someone on the school board didn’t do his/her psychological homework. You cannot attract 60,000 students to a school district by physical means alone. This old American money mentality makes Africa envy American classrooms and equipment but doesn’t do diddly shit for American education. It is better to have no money and the right educational process than to have a lot of money and the wrong educational process.

School districts must hire only caring teachers and give them full authority to discipline students, and give them the backing to reprimand parents who neglect their kids and dump them on the school or the teacher. The school must require parents to support their kids education or take them out of the school district. Teaching Universities must hire professors capable of training highschool teachers in contingency management of educational relationships. School boards should eliminate a prevalent hiring practice that is based on fear of discrimination on the basis of personality (refusing to consider applicant’s zest, dedication, ability to have fun, care, enthusiasm, recreation, and strength of characters as part of the evaluation process). Knowledge of the subject matter and credentials, without a sunny personality, positive attitude, and ability to have fun, won’t even work in studious Korea let alone in not so school fond America.

Needless to say, these changes will not happen. The will to do is not there yet. The Kansas city school crisis will be repeated elsewhere in the country until the misery will force President Obama to appoint a White House Independent Education Commission and give it executive authority to, (i) ignore lower court orders, (ii) work with legislators to pass a new law restricting  judicial power over school district reorganization, (iii) deprive a school district of federal funds, (iv) order the federalization of a failing school, (v) set up a model school for success in a community that votes a 2/3 majority vote for it in a referendum, and (vi) appoint an innovative secretary of education for the United States. A PhD in Educational Psychology from USC, with 35 years experience, qualifies me to speak.


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