10 Economic Aftershocks to hit before 2013 (segment I).

This article by Dr. Elior Kinarthy comes in 3 segments. To prepare yourself for 10 predicted economic aftershocks  before 12-12-2012, practice seriously the 10 recommendations that I make. The psychology of crisis prevention or intervention describes 3 behaviors in a typical community; about 10% of the people are prepared with a primary prevention. A local university in cooperation with a local government doing environmental studies and coming up with an anticipation plan how to ‘nip in the bud’ any crisis before it starts. About 30% of the people expect secondary prevention. They relay on local government to implement a crisis intervention plan that politicians have prepared for use after a crisis strikes. About 60% of the people in a community belong to a tertiary prevention scenario. They run around like chicken with their head cut off, not knowing what to do when a crisis happen,… help, help, help. Recommendation 1: Place yourself in one of the 3 categories and think of 5 ways how to move up! (to be continued).

The predicted economic aftershocks are:

1. Increased divorce caused by prolonged unemployment.

2. Increased crimes caused by economic frustration and anger.

3. Increased human misery, reactive to increased natural disaster cycles caused by shifts in atmospheric and environmental conditions. (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, etc.).

4. Increased leadership incompetence caused by paralytic fear of making mistakes during a crisis and being voted out of power.

5. Increased health care crisis caused by polarizing forces in Washington.

6. Increased educational vows caused by continued conventional thinking at time of crisis and the need for change.

7. Increased silly debates over capital punishment, abortion, gay rights, war, and other issues, intensified by the aftershock of the economic crisis of 2008.

8. Increased international conflict caused by lack of strong leadership in the United States, while Russia, China, and other countries assert themselves.

9. More people with a low self-esteem, depression, suicide, aimless livings, seeking handouts, and general malaise in the country as a result of the prolonged housing crisis and unemployment.

10. You name the last one, I’m tired of writing for now!


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5 Responses to “10 Economic Aftershocks to hit before 2013 (segment I).”

  1. Peter Loubal Says:

    Elior, what scares me most is the expected ever increasing percentage of psychotic and suicidal yet intelligent and competent young people, angry enough to do major damage to society., and “take the world with them.” That would be my “Number 10”.

    Otherwise i agree, it does look like we’re heading into a new dark age. Is there some light at the end of the tunnel, even if we don’t see the glimmer yet? Having experienced worse, here’s a bit of gallows humor I remember from Prague:

    A standard answer to the usual “How Are Things” question used to be: “Oh, about average. Worse than yesterday but better than they’ll be tomorrow.”
    A drunk throwing up on Wenceslas Square gets surrounded by a sympathetic crowd, patting him on the shoulders and saying “yes, the currfent situation does make one want to vomit.”

    Expected improvements in large parts of the third world may not occur, and one feels sorry for “our” kids and grand-kids. But in the long run, we humans seem to cope with adversity better than we manage “the easy life”. So that part doesn’t bother me” totally. I consider your points 1 – 9 survivable. But this point 10 is absolutely frightening.

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Peter, I am with you on that one, but there is nothing one can do until we teach one value beyond intelligence or competence – to live for something greater than oneself!

  2. Dennis Says:

    long time no song, Im heading to Nashville to do some song writing with my cousin Tiffany, It’s not the fame or fortune I strive, she’s allready got it, instead:promoting the practice of thinking outside of the box, any aGENDAS you want promoted? Dennis Fluhart

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Dennis Fluhart, were you my college student many years ago? Yes, since you asked, yes, as a member of the new national academy of behavioral economics and finance (ABF.com) I would like to promote Behavioral Economics in song, the “BE is the new kid on the financial block,” born thinking-outside-the-economic-box, trying to replace Harvard U and Chicago U economists (Greenspan, Friedman, etc.) who think inside-the-box and bring us bailouts, recessions and unemployment. Yes, we can replace classical economic thinking!

  3. 10 Economic Aftershocks to hit before 2013 (segment I). | The Peaceful Revolution Says:

    confidence building books

    This article by Dr. Elior Kinarthy comes in 3 segments. To prepare yourself for 10 predicted economic aftershocks  before 12-12-2012, practice seriously the 10 recommendations that I make. The psychology of crisis prevention or intervention describes 3…

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