What do Freud, Maslow or Skinner say about your ability to change?

You ‘surf’ the Internet, don’t you? From your experience, is my blog http://www.drelior.wordpress.com the only blog on the Internet by a psychologist that not only tells it like it is (“doogree,” no spin), but also deals with practical issues that face  us? My circle of readers and followers is growing, soon I won’t have the time to respond personally to every comment. If you got what it takes, together we can transform Relationships.

Dr. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis said, “Most people operate from their “unconscious” because they don’t have the insight to understand the motivation that makes them misbehave.” Maslow, the father of Humanistic Psychology, said, “They are only aware of the limited possibilities that their culture allows them to be aware of,” but Dr. Skinner, the father of Behaviorism gives us Zen Hope. Let me paraphrase what he said, with my up to date living programming: He said, “You can change you life for the better to the extent that you master “Contingency Management of Relationships.”

Followers of my blog are the luckiest folks in the world if they are serious enough to open a folder, take notes, use Google, and practice correctly what I suggest. There is so much love and power in it. You should see how wonderful people treat me. Master the contingency management program. It’s free!


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