Will students protesting budget cuts work?

I was a college professor for 26 years. Here is my take on students protesting the high cost of education. As tax payers we want our money to be well spent. As students we want to advance our careers and contribute to our country’s high standard of living without undo financial sacrifices. The problem is that students and tax payers don’t get the ‘bang’ for the ‘buck’ they deserve. As tax payers much of our money goes to finance wars and poor education, and as students much of our tuition goes to pay for classes we don’t need, boring professors we won’t hire, run down classrooms, and school programs that don’t inspire. As a tax payer, I don’t want to pay for venue for bullying, halls for wild parties, and certification that mask inadequate preparation for the workplace. Students deserve the best education money can buy, and school boards need the best brains and values parents and society should expect. At present neither is happy, and that is why I think that president Obama should add another mission to his mission to change the delivery of health care in the US. Mr. Obama, I urge you to establish a presidential commission to revamp the whole educational system in the US. Sadly to say, apparently he won’t do it, so I guess I’ll just plan a vacation in Europe with my wife to visit museums! Call me after the protest party ends.


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