Can humans have a relationship with God?

You have a relationship with God, whether you like it or not. Like your relationship with your parents, God is an entity in your brain that your relationship with is “mutually exclusive.” I have a perfect life. I got up this morning and decided to go “channel surfing” for a topic that would enlighten my listeners, or at least revive your self-image, and bingo, “Joy TV” paid programming pops up. Faisal says, “You have a relationship with God.” I listen, but I hear the same old stuff about having faith, etc. I thought, “God deserves better than that,” so here is the scientific truth:

The so-called “dark matter” in the Universe is made of what some scientists call “Free Monads.” Your brain has at least 10 to the power of 27 concentration of Free Monads in the Pineal gland (serotonin and melatonin area) and the Frontal Lobe (frontal lobotomy causes a severe loss of consciousness). A Free Monad is a unit of conscious energy with its own veracity and purposiveness that preexisted the Universe. When you focus your thoughts and feelings inwardly toward your consciousness, you WILL experience a profound feeling, a glimpse of your relationship with the God within (soul), and the God without (spirit), IF the aggregate of pure Monads in your pineal gland and frontal lobe (Cortex), or in cosmic space, approve of the way you live your life (peace, love, respect for nature, creatures, people, etc.). A person who can become genuine and authentic WILL acquire a profound relationship with God. Your life becomes amazing – everything improves!

No scientist that has ever researched what God’s energy particles are, has ever put this information on the Internet as far as I know. I just felt deeply this morning that the time has come to introduce God to the educated among you as a real entity, that Universal Consciousness that really exists. Imagine, 1648: Sir Newton steals Calculus from Dr. Leibnitz, the mathematical genius who discovers God’s particles and calls God the “Grand Monad.” Newton says, “I hate this man.” I hope you keep an open mind, tune inward tonight, and think about God as the entity in your brain that provides your awareness (cogito ergo sum).  And, your life becomes amazing when you also learn to appreciate those Monads that are ‘bound into Matter,’ those Monads that have given up their spiritual freedom so you can have a physical universe.

I know it’s hard to move on beyond the wonders of religion, but if you accept (behaviorally) the above information, and you become an authentic human being, you will have a relationship with God that goes beyond assumptions, a relationship that goes all the way back to the purpose of creation. Good luck! I care!


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