Credit rating may not tell about your honesty!

Employers who use your credit rating to find out if you are honest are naive to assume that the credit rating company was honest in estimating  – your honesty!

I bought an expensive item using a department store credit card. The payments were serviced by a bank that continued to demand payments after my records showed that I have paid off the last payment. High interest accumulated over time. When the collection department harassed me with threatening letters to take me to court, I sprang into action. As a consumer advocate psychologist, I relish fighting injustice. I went to the department store with my meticulous records, explained to the manager and his assistants of the dire consequences to their employment positions if this case went to court, and suggested to the manager to pay the excessive charge from the department store discretionary fund. I received a letter of apology. A year later, I had difficulty refinancing my mortgage because my credit rating went down. I showed the letter of apology and got my home refinanced.

Mortgage lenders, employments agencies, anyone, please don’t base your decision on a person credit rating until the industry cleans up it act. Don’t automatically assume that credit rating companies care to be honest in estimating consumer honesty. To save money, the processing has become automatic. Let’s bring back quality control to the credit rating industry.


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3 Responses to “Credit rating may not tell about your honesty!”

  1. credit repair Says:

    credit repair…

    I am going to put this place to my diggs….

    • drkinarthy Says:

      “Put this place to my diggs?” Is that an England English?

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Oh my God, Mr. Credit Repairman, I just found out what you meant by “Put my postings to your diggs.” It is an honor. I will work hard to earn your trust because “CREDIT” IS A DISCOVERY BY MAN’S MIND INSTILLED BY GOD THE MOMENT HE DECIDED THAT EARTH WOULD BECAME ONE HUGE MARKET FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND! Being a novice psychology professor meddling in economics, you can now forget my question about “diggs” being a British expression? I got it. It’s a service on the Internet. I remember once not understanding when a new friend from overseas, George Duff, pointed out to a gorgeous girl walking in a Dallas street, Texas, saying “Look Elior at that bird.” I looked up instead of down! Hey, thanks for the education.

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