More tax on cigarets?

Yes or no? The peaceful revolution has the answer,  while you do the  math calculation: If smoking cost the American tax payer 10 billion $$$ in increase medical costs per year, what is the tax per cigaret if 200 billion cigarets are sold in the United States per year? If a pack of cigarets has 20 cigarets in it, how much should the tax be per package to cover the extra medical cost to the tax payer? Let’s make it a multiple-choice question for those of you who are not good in math: a. $2  b. $3  c. $5  d. $1  e. 50 cents.

Hey countrymen and congressmen, you see, life could be a lot easier if you stop arguing and start doing the math. 🙂 🙂


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4 Responses to “More tax on cigarets?”

  1. Jon Kinarthy Says:

    Well, the math says 1$ per pack, but why not make it 2$ a pack, and make a profit off people who decide to smoke.

    In fact, the price of a pack has gone up more than 2$ over the last 6 years. So I guess the US is doing the math.

  2. drkinarthy Says:

    A government has to justify making it $2 tax per pack of cigarets. A government that decides things in an arbitrary matter, no matter how great were the decisions at the moment, and no matter how wide was the public support at the moment – is doomed!

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