England: Religious freedom to die the Hindu way is denied…

…then allowed at a cost of millions of $$$ to the British tax payers. Is there a Democracy on Earth that understands its own religious freedom clause in its own constitution? I doubt it. It always has to go through the courts, and the decision is left to a subjective perception of a judge or two. I once surveyed Mexican-American students in California. 20% believed  that the Aztec religion in Mexico that preceded Catholicism in that country had the religious right to sacrifice children to appease their Gods. To one out of five students in the survey it was a religious freedom issue!

Ladies and gentlemen, time to clear up the issue of religious freedom, ones and for all: You have the right to believe anything, to practice anything, to worship anything, to wear anything, to have any ritual you want (even sex in a Holy Temple as they used to do), and to support any religion that existed, exists, and will exist in this world. But, your right to live or die comes with one string attached: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PEOPLE OR HURT PEOPLE WHILE DOING YOUR RELIGIOUS THING.

MR. Davender Ghai, a British citizen of the Hindu religion, has the right to be cremated in an open-air funeral pyre IN NEWCASTLE as long as the open pyre is surrounded by walls. Too bad that the idea of this form of cremation is abhorrent to Mr. Ghai’s neighbors. If the Newcastle City Council knew what is religious freedom, they would have not fought Mr. Ghai in court at a cost of million $$$ to the British tax payers. You see, my friends in England, ignorance about religious freedom cost you money. Scary: it takes 10 major fallacies in a society to lose its standard of living. Most of you find it hard to make ends meet because you let your hard-earned tax money be used by government to perpetuate an ideology and not to create jobs and affordable housing, Bingo! I know you’d like that one!


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