Anna Nicole Smith Seance.

My Peaceful Revolution blog is designed to clarify human relationships before we depart, but this one is unique. When you see a discussion of a celebrated Ouija Board Seance on CNN, it is even more unnerving than Larry King interviewing Stanton Friedman on UFOs! As a college parapsychology professor who has done research on much more successful seances than the Ouija Board, I must say that I am happy that communication with human spirits is finally in the public eye, but I am not happy that it is sensationalized by a Ouija Board. You see, with a Ouija Board you can never know for sure if the “element” is not moved by the participants rather than by the spirit you are trying to contact.

The problem is the Zeitgeist. Spirits do exist and you can contact them scientifically, but that fact cannot be accepted by the public in 2010. I suppose we as a species need to grow up. Can you imagine how routine will be communication with the dead in the year 2510? I taught a few people how to do it – now! Anna Nicole Smith is now a spirit, a 3 dimensional hologram devoid of Chi, or life force, willing to show up in some ways to some authentic people. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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