How to make your airline safe to fly.

Most people know that flying is not safe, and that it should be safe. Most people know that we have frequent ‘near disaster’ situations in the air and on the ground, and that it is not acceptable anymore to the flying public for government and airlines to play politics with our lives. What most people don’t know is how to go about making air travel safe.

As an Avant Garde psychologist, I apply my ability to everything involving human behavior. The law of parsimony requires that a solution to any problem be simple and elegant. Here it is: Congress must pass a law that requires all commercial airlines flying into and from the US to have special insurance for all airline passengers that will cover death and injury 100%. When an air passenger is injured, the airline insurance will have to pay all medical expenses, even the expenses resulting from prolonged treatment for disability as a result of the air disaster. In the case of death while air traveling, regardless of preexisting conditions, the next of kin will collect 10 million $$$ automatically from the insurance company.

A strict insurance policy will force airlines to make sure that the plane is in excellent mechanical order, the pilots are well-trained, flight attendants know the psychology of passengers, airport security is excellent, the passenger brings a medical clearance to fly from his physician, and a clearance from the police that he has no criminal record. Needless to say, my suggestions will never happen because even those who lost loved ones in air disasters may not have the courage or wisdom vote for it! Well, I enjoy wishing for less pain to air passengers, but, unfortunately, it can come only new  psychological education. If you know what ‘contingency management’ means, you know where to start.


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