This one is for Noach about RQA.

Noach, you have an inquiring mind and a good grasp of concepts, so let’s clear up the issue of RQAs. There are many Right Questions to Ask (RQA) in philosophy, psychology, politics and economics. Many are liked or disliked by people. Most create arguments.  That is interesting, but these RQA are in my Beta domain of RQAs. My Alpha domain of RQAs are dichotomous – true or false, black or white, nothing  in between. Kapish?

Alpha domain of RQAs are only BEHAVIORAL questions that can have high probability answers, “Yes, you will make money,” or “No, you will not make money,” or “Yes, your health will improve,” or “No, your health will not improve,” or “Yes, you will feel happy,” or “No, you will not feel happy.” Kapish?


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One Response to “This one is for Noach about RQA.”

  1. Noah Says:

    I like the idea of Alpha and Beta domain RQA’s. Using a certain type of question to manage and maintain the structure of a conversation is a rather advanced technique to be sure.

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