The psychology of naming kids.

Her parents took one look at the new baby and named her Bonita, subconsciously because she wasn’t pretty, or, consciously because she was a cute baby, who knows?  She could have been named Bonita after an aunt who had died, or just because they liked the name. A baby naming ritual is repeated million times per week all over the world. A Catholic kid named “Israel” will grow up in Haiti. Last week his parents named the baby “Israel,” delivered by an Israeli medical team after the earthquake. Thirty years ago, a baby who survived an El-Al crash was named –  El-Al. Two thousand years ago, the State of Israel was wiped out by Rome. Most new-born Jewish names in the diaspora became – Biblical: Moses, Joshua (not the one who blew the trumpets), Joshua (Jesus), Abe, Izik, Ruth, Simon, etc. In 1948, the State of Israel was re-established. Most  Jewish names became non-Biblical, land oriented: Nir (Joy), Sela (Rock), Doron (present), Israel (the land), Golan (an area), Tzur (strength), Tsion (Zion), etc.  How many one year old girls named ‘Nada’ live in the world today, reminding us to seek freedom? How many were named Sputnick after 1957, reminding the Russians that they were first in Space? I once knew a German  Jew who would not name his baby Adolf after grandpa, for obvious reasons. My cousin was named “Shilgit,” born in Tel Aviv in 1950 during a snow storm. Lucky woman, they call her “Shelly”, which means  “mine” in Hebrew and is great in English too. I, myself, was named Elior (Godlight) in 1936 when my parents were still observant and idealistic. Later on they nick named me “Larry” for whatever reason. Today, I am very spiritual.

The important thing to know from all these psychobabble is that your PERSONALITY is influenced by your FIRST name, anything from about 5% to 50%.  Go find out the good characteristics associated with your first name and ‘polish’ your identity and make it ‘germane’ (no pun intended). 🙂


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