Why is there hope?

We get up in the morning, doing all the things that we do every day. In Florida we start the day with orange juice, in Hawaii with Pineapple juice, in Haiti with nothing, and in Vancouver with coffee. Throughout the day, we have thoughts of what the world needs now, as the famous song says… you are reading my thoughts this minute – and guess what? These thoughts, for the first time in history, are read in the world.

At no other time in human history, we, ordinary people, were able to organize into groups and take action to end hunger, wars, and stupid beliefs, like today. This worthy goals were always  left to the UN, USA, EU, and the greedy charities. Why is there hope? There is hope because a man in Nigeria organized a food co-up, a woman in Haiti started a school for girls, a blogger psychologist in Victoria spends hours  every day to give out guidance to the perplexed, a blogger in Tehran tells the world the truth, a website called natural cures tells about complementary treatments for cancer, and God tells everyone to stop talking so much, and start building the Earth again.

There is hope because you are powerful. You can start today by only getting close to people in your life who treat you and others with respect. There is hope because you can stop from this moment interacting with abusive people. Think! You are powerful! Reward good acts and punish bad acts, in yourself and in others. You can do it. You have self-control. There is hope because you are powerful – if you are only willing! 🙂


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4 Responses to “Why is there hope?”

  1. Noah Says:

    Why is there hope? I wondered whether or not you were going to parlay the question into an adianoeta but I suppose there is a time and place for literal locution.

    What say you to the idea that “hope” is an unnecessary crutch? That hope implies anticipation, which implies a movement out of the now and as a consequence a denial of graceful action?

    When one is fully immersed in the tao does hope not become a meaningless term? When one is in the moment and aware of the continuous unfolding of events, is there room for such a thing as hope?

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Noach, it is simple. Remember the law of parsimony? Hope is a word that describes a feeling that something will get better. It may or not, but the feeling sustains the person for a while, which is good. More important is ZEN HOPE, which is not usually discussed because people are not proactive when it comes to hope.

  2. Noah Says:

    I suppose then that the danger is to mistake the finger for the moon at which it is pointing.

    • drkinarthy Says:

      You got it ‘bull’s eye.’ Mistaking the finger for the moon at which it is pointing is a common error called ‘collapsing the distinction’ in psycholinguistics. That is why the world is a mess.

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