This time I’ll ‘toot my own horn’ to make a point.

If you think that I am ‘bragging’ about my looks by asking you to visit my website and stare at my portrait at age 73, you miss the point my daughter Deena made in a conversation.

“I want to start taking vitamins, dad.”


“I want to look my best and feel great.”

You can see that she is also good-looking, on my, the website I created after curing my prostate cancer, and if you think that I am  ‘bragging’ again,  you miss the point twice. I just want to let you know dramatically that taking vitamins helps your looks – a lot!

As a health psychologist and a writer, I will give you my healing tips laced with riddles, in ‘widgets’ to keep you interested, because many young people today ‘jump’ ship the moment they hear the command ‘Take your vitamins.”

Omega-3, vitamin E, cod liver oil and shark liver oil got together to protect an artery from the bad ‘sticky’ guys. They lined up on the insides of the walls waiting for their saturated fat enemy. They didn’t have to wait very long. The bacon, steak, and donuts released their bad cholesterol on the way to the heart and the brain, looking for a spot to land. The defenders were waiting. The saturated oils couldn’t get a hold of the slippery slopes  –  kicked out of the blood vessel. The girl lost weight, her arteries got cleared and she felt good. 🙂

“Then why did she quit?”

“It didn’t make sense to her. She thought all oil was bad.”


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