The psychology of naming cars.

All human decisions are made by individuals or groups drawing on four basic source to guide them: culture, religion, science or personal experience. Very few human decisions are made on the basis of what works best. Most are an amalgamation of all four basic sources, the worse being religion, then personal experience, then culture, and finally science.

Having experienced the lingering effect of NYE champaign, a simplified version of the psychology of naming cars popped into my light head 🙂 🙂  Who was the dummy at Ford who thought that the Ford Pinto was a winning horse, and berated the American Indian executive who came up with Ford Mustang? Praise the Lord to the wealthy one who came up with a great city and a great president; Chrysler New Yorker and Ford Lincoln. He had divine inspiration. Of course, none of them was as scientific as the Japanese committee that decided on the social Honda civic or the deluxe Lexus, real winners. Poor Germans, got defeated in two world wars they had started, so all they could come up with was a bug and the fleeing rabbit. I wonder why the Russians didn’t come up with a Volga bear hug, the British with the Morris Lion Heart, or the Americans with tiger woods Golf wagon?  Personally, I would have preferred a Chevy Wealth, GM Health, and Ford Focus –  on Happiness. By the way, that is why, as a psychologist, I was never invited to be on a naming committee for anything. Have a great year.


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2 Responses to “The psychology of naming cars.”

  1. Anton Says:

    One of the best articles about cars that I have read. +1 Regular reader of your blog.

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