the following 🙂 🙂  I felt that I had to get your attention to the fact that there is  one rule in nature that if you follow it, your life becomes instantly amazing! Tonight is New Years Eve and what’s a better evening to remind you of that rule. But, there is a catch, as always in human nature, the more all encompassing, all powerful, all meaningful, all amazing a natural law is, the more people will mold it to fit their belief and render it powerless to help. I will give you a perfect example: Jesus should always look like Jesus no matter what anyone says, even the Pope, no question about it,  but if Jesus had seen what we did with his image, he’d laugh his head off seeing his image in 5 human races, fifty different faces, and 500 places all claiming  to be his!

That is why I will challenge you a few times before I give you the rule, to see if you are willing not to mold the rule to fit your perception of it –  but to follow it, as is, and experience an amazing instant change in your life!.

Challenge One: Think! What could possibly be that natural law that could make an instant difference in your life? Send me a concrete answer. I will respond to the best answers in January on this blog, then proceed to the next challenge.


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