The ‘shoe’ and ‘leg’ bombers.

On November 6, 2009 I posted how prejudice ‘racial profiling’ is. I told those of you who seek a better understanding of right or wrong that I will show you the best way to prevent suicide bombing air disasters. Now, with the shoe and leg bombers being on the air at CNN, time for you to listen and tell your congressional representatives to act.

Psychology has what is called criminal behavior profiling (CBP). Part of that method of detecting potential felonious behavior is profiling of suicide bombers personality, and specifically suicide airplane bombers (SAB). The shoe bomber, now the leg bomber, and soon a genital bomber are just a variation on the same theme of narcissistic anger toward the self, exploited by Islamic extremists. The self anger does not originate in religion or culture . It originates at home or school with boredom; individuals fail to live up to higher expectation of themselves. These individuals are literally bored to death about living and making a difference. The shoe, leg, genital or boob bombers will multiply until society decides to educate parents to parent and force kids to take human rights classes in school. But, since that wonderful change would not happen, it behooves on the flying public to follow my blogs and ask questions. You may have to become your own detective of sorts in airports..

The current administration may have 50 billion $$$ to spend on homeland security but hardly a 100 IQ points to spend on understanding criminal behavior profiling. Politicians hate psychologists because we make them feel stupid!


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