Children visiting on Christmas.

Today is Christmas day. Some of you, the lucky ones, can’t wait to read my postings on WordPress. You know that I am a totally different kind of psychologist from the ‘garden variety.” I tell life like it is! I have 2 well off elderly friends, one never married and the other one had her 2 happily married daughters with their husbands and 5 gorgeous grandchildren fly in to Victoria for Christmas. The friend who never married was certainly not a ‘drag on’ the family celebration. She was shown affection by everyone, but you could see the sadness in her eyes, as if she was saying to herself, “Sure, I had a care free life, but now I am lonely. I have no wonderful children visiting on Christmas. I wonder what my grand kids would have looked like?”

She turned to me wiping tear in her eyes, and said, “I feel like my grandchildren were born to someone else.” 😦

I said nothing, but a thought entered my mind.  I’ll post this message to my young readers, “Plan ahead if you think that you might end feeling like my elderly friend. She is so sweet.”


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