What’s an EPA?

No, no, not the Environmental Protection Agency. I am talking about Effective Plan of Action, something that covers everything. Let’s simulate the White House meeting about sending more troops to Afghanistan.

“Mr President, I need 60,000 more troops to get the job done.”

“I can’t give you 60 without the American people getting pissed off.”

“Why would they?”

“Because your plan of action does not guarantee success.”

“We are not talking about victory, sir, only containment.”

“I’ll give you 30, OK?”

“You get what you pay for.”

This ticket to disaster in Afghanistan can be averted by an EPA. You are the doctor in the White House. The first rule is: You do not treat a systemic problem with surgery, stupid!

Reader, if you understand the above, vote him out. If you don’t, ask me on Facebook or Twitter what I meant. Bingo!


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